What is Comfort, Trend and Luxe and what fabric do you use?

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Custprint has three prodct tiers. The main difference between all products is the fabric quality. 

  • Comfort range: Comfort range is aimed at affordability. It is the most affordable product that Custprint makes, to be able to maximise your savings. Comfort fabric is thin and does not come with any special fabric treatments so that we can pass on an afforable price to you. Specifications are 16S/36C S/J 100% cotton. There are no treatments that are done on this fabric other than a silica-wash. This results in a fabric that is extremely affordable for customers who do not need something premium and are looking to fit a garment in their budget.

  • Trend range: Trend range is aimed at a range between Comfort and Luxe. The product quality with Trend is something that is a little bit premium however still aiming to maximise your savings. Trend fabric is treated for basic treatements for shine and elasticity and is a little bit thicker than Comfort. Specifications are 20S/32G knit S/J 100% cotton. Treatments are combing and silica-wash only. This is a mid-tier fabric that is available for our customers. This results in a fabric that is not premium and at the same time something that is longer lasting than a 160 gsm garment.

  • Luxe range: Luxe range is the best of what Custprint has to offer. It is aimed at someone who is willing to spend for a good quality product. Luxe fabric is very thick, soft to the touch and reaches color depth due to its post-dyeing treatment. Luxe is the best quality fabric we have and its out most premium range. This is the best quality fabric when it comes to tshirts and there is nothing better available in the industry. This results in an extremely thick and soft fabric which lasts long through wear and tear.

Custprint Also operates a sub-brand called Delhi-BEST. These are extremely high volume and low cost tshirts which are only supplied in quantities more than 10,000 pcs. Delhi best tshirts are made for a low costing, high volume outputs only.

Important: The printing quality that you get is the same across all fabrics and ranges. Custprint does not compromise on your print quality to pass on a lower price to you.

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